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Sarah Hepler Locker

Homework Policy

  • A monthly homework calendar/packet will be sent home at the start of the month
  • Return HW folders on Fridays to be checked for progress
  • Additional HW may be sent home as needed

Sarah Hepler

Behavior Chart


  • Students begin on “green” daily
  • Students may move up to “purple” or down to “yellow” or “red”


  • Purple: followed directions, respectful, excellent behavior
  • Green: needed few reminders to follow directions, respectful, making good decisions
  • Yellow: needed numerous reminders to follow directions, needed reminders about good decision making
  • Red: not following directions, disrespectful, making poor decisions

Class Rules


  • Follow directions
  • Use respectful words
  • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself

Behavior Rewards and Consequences


  • Stickers
  • Free choice activity on Fridays
  • Teacher’s helper



  • Time away from group
  • Written reflection
  • Loss of privledges 
Current Assignments